Booking MSC Big Band for functions...

(This section is for those looking to book MSC Big Band for corporate events/weddings/etc. For music based events see the 'Gigs' section of the booking menu.)

We are also available to book in for your office parties, weddings, summer/Christmas balls and everything in between. With a wide range of current and classic covers, and several arrangers on hand to turn your favourite songs into big band belters, here at MSC we have you covered for all your music entertainment needs.

See below for pricing.

Contact: for function bookings.

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Function Price List

The prices below are figures designed on a wage for the performers and admin fee for the band. The + accounts for any expenses unaccounted for in the booking fee such as travel. For a full quote including estimated additional expenses, contact us at with as much information about the event as possible and we will get a quote to you ASAP. There is room for flexibility so please get in touch and we're more than happy to chat!

P.s. If you are contacting us on behalf of a charity then please contact our Outreach Manager at as we have a separate process for supporting charities.

Size of band

Set Length up to 1hr

Set Length beyond 1hr

10 Person

14 Person

18 Person

23 Person

£800 +

£1040 +

£1380 +

£1780 +

£900 +

£1180 +

£1560 +


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